Welkom by Grey Kollege Primêr

Grey College has always maintained a remarkably steadfast character and has contributed to our country and population with healthy directives - and will continue doing so in future To study at this institution is a privilege which leads to the responsibility of adhering to and improving on the paths set by our predecessors We will face the future and challenges ahead purposefully and steadfastly armed




Grey College is the oldest school north of the Orange River and third oldest in the Republic of South Africa The then Governor of the Cape Colony Sir George Grey visited the new Republic of the Orange Free State On 13 October 1855 he donated a sum of money towards the establishment of an institution for higher education On 17 January 1856 the school officially opened its doors for the first time with...





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**Take Note/ Neem Kennis**

Added on 22 September 2015 The school will close at 10h30 on Wednesday 22/11 due to the long weekend and the birthday of Mr Geldenhuys. The Secondary School will close at the same time. Die skool sluit Woensdag 22/11 om 10h30 agv Mnr Geldenhuys se verjaarsdag en die langnaweek. Die Sekondêre skool sluit dieselfde tyd.

*Please take note-car remote overrides*

Please be careful when locking motor vehicles- remote overrides are doing their rounds again, and things are being stolen from cars.  Double check when locking your cars.    Thank you