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Grey College has always maintained a remarkably steadfast character and has contributed to our country and population with healthy directives - and will continue doing so in future To study at this institution is a privilege which leads to the responsibility of adhering to and improving on the paths set by our predecessors We will face the future and challenges ahead purposefully and steadfastly armed



Phase Information is available through these links     Media Centre   Grey Primary has a well equipped media centre There are over seven thousand books All the books are on a computerized system Boys are allowed to take out one or two books every two weeks Grades three to seven have a library period for reading and reading programmes The library is open during breaks and after school...





Grey College is the oldest school north of the Orange River and third oldest in the Republic of South Africa The then Governor of the Cape Colony Sir George Grey visited the new Republic of the Orange Free State On 13 October 1855 he donated a sum of money towards the establishment of an institution for higher education On 17 January 1856 the school officially opened its doors for the first time with...




Hockey vs Fichardtpark - 30 July 2015

Hockey vs Fichardtpark on 30/07 24 games played – won 19 draw – 3 lost -2   Grade 1A W 1-0 1B W 2-1 1C W3-1 1D W 3-0  Grey Gr 1e 4 vs Grey 1f 0   Grade 2A D 0-0 2B W 2-0 2C W 2-1 2D W 12-0  Grey Gr 2e 1 vs Grey 1f 0   Grade 3 u/9 A D 2-2 u/9 B W 2-1 u/9 C W 6-0 u/9  D W 7-0   Grade 4 u/10 A W 7-1 u/10 B W 3-1 u/10 C W 7-0 u/10 D W 9-4 Grey u/10 e 4 vs

LIMODO Sports Events: Truida Kestell Laerskool Tennistoernooi 5 - 8 Augustus 2015

Truida Kestell Laerskool Tennistoernooi   Twee van ons spanne gaan volgende week aan hierdie toernooi in Bethlehem deelneem Hulle vertrek Dinsdagmiddag en sal na afloop van die Prysuitdeling Saterdagmiddag terugkeer   A span                  Louis Grobbelaar                             Gerrie

o/13 Ligawedstryde 29 Julie 2015

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