Welkom by Grey Kollege Primêr

Grey College has always maintained a remarkably steadfast character and has contributed to our country and population with healthy directives - and will continue doing so in future To study at this institution is a privilege which leads to the responsibility of adhering to and improving on the paths set by our predecessors We will face the future and challenges ahead purposefully and steadfastly armed




Grey College is the oldest school north of the Orange River and third oldest in the Republic of South Africa The then Governor of the Cape Colony Sir George Grey visited the new Republic of the Orange Free State On 13 October 1855 he donated a sum of money towards the establishment of an institution for higher education On 17 January 1856 the school officially opened its doors for the first time with...




0/13 Krieket-

Grey o/13A WEN St Andrews o/13A met 5 paaltjies Grey o/13B WEN Reg Performance Centre o/13A met 78 Lopies Grey o/13C Verloor Grey  o/13D met 7 paaltjies   Grey o/13D WEN Grey o/13C met 7 paaltjies Grey o/13E WEN Zastron o/13A met 147 lopies Grey o/13F teen Roseview o/13A nie plaas gevind. Roseview se veld nie voorberei nie

Vrystaat Pluimbalspan o.15 A - 29 Maart tot 3 April

Pluimbal Jan-Hendrik Knox (gr 6a1) is gekies vir die Vrystaat o.15A pluimbalspan wat vanaf 29 Maart tot  3 April 2016 aan die SA o.15 Kampioenskappe en Interprovinsiale Toernooi in Durban gaan  deelneem.

4 Februarie 2016- 0/13 Krieket

Grey o/13A WEN Fichardtpark o/13A met 149 lopies Grey o/13B WEN Universitas o/13A met 32 Lopies Grey o/13C WEN Brebner  o/13A met 117 Lopies   Grey o/13D WEN Fichardtpark o/13B met 80 Lopies Grey o/13E WEN Koot Nieman o/13A met 4 paaltjies Grey o/13F WEN Toka Primary o/13A met 2 paaltjies.