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Pre Primary



The main aim of the Pre-Primary is to develop and mould boys into individuals who are able to fill their place in society.  We endeavour to prepare boys for formal demands of Grade 1 and to start the process of making true Grey gentlemen out of them – boys who are of good character, proud and have outstanding manners.


Tutoring and extra-mural activities:


A well-planned programme is followed daily.  At present there are three Afrikaans Gr R classes and one English class with professionally trained teachers.  Classes vary from 33 – 37 pupils.  We are fortunate to have an in-service-trained assistant for each class.  On our staff we also have the services of a secretary, ground assistant and an assistant who is responsible for the boys who attend After Care.


Maths, Language and Life Skills form part of a daily programme and consist of theme discussions, creative activities, music and movement.  We also teach good eating and toilet habits.  Ample time for inside and outside play is allowed.  During the summer months the boys are taken to the swimming pool, which creates a great feeling of excitement.  Learners are stimulated with numerous educational toys and apparatus.  During May Screening tests are done.  Thereafter the results are discussed with the parents.  The necessary therapy is then recommended where needed.


Extra mural activities presented at the school are as follows.  Stimulus Maxima (Computers), Music, Active English classes, Experi-Buddies, Rugby, and Mini-Tennis.


Fund Raising projects:


During the year we have the following functions:  Picnic, Valentine’s visit with Eunice, Fun Fare, Concert, Grandparents’ Day, Graduation, Visit to Grade 1 and Farewell party.


Special days and Outings:


The Fancy Dress days is a way to show the boys how fortunate they are and help them do their part in giving back to the less privileged.  On these days the boys dress up according to a theme for example Cowboys or Sport heroes, etc.  They bring along tins of canned food, pet food, or blankets and clothes according to the theme.  This is distributed to various needy charity organisations.


We endeavour to organise educational outings  for example visiting the Zoo, Air Force, Fire Brigade or Police Station.


Every alternative Friday we have a Baking day or a special treat day.


New Comers:


Application forms are available from January each year when the school opens at the Pre-Primary School office as well as on the Web under Applications.  Completed forms, together with copies of  the  boy’s birth certificate and both parents’ ID documents, should be returned as early as possible  (the year in which your son turns 5), but are only considered for the next year when your son turns 6.  Once an application is approved, an Open Day is held in November to introduce the new Grey Puppies to the Grey family.


The motto of our school is to educate our learners to be physically, psychologically, intellectually, spiritually and culturally strong!


School hours:  08.00 – 12.30 (Entrance and Supervision from 07.00 by Teachers and                                 assistants)

Afternoon Care:  12.30 – 17.15

Registration Fee:  R200 (2012 – to change for the new year)

School Fees:   R10 400 (2012)

Compulsory Parent Contribution:  R1 200 per annum (R300 per term)

Afternoon Care:  R3 600 per annum (R900 per term)

No further fundraising during the year.

School Uniform:  Available at College Armour on school grounds (083 301 7979)

                              Trading hours:  11.00 – 15.00  Mondays to Thursdays

                                                        11.00 – 14.00  Fridays


For further queries contact Mrs. du Toit at 051 444 3411

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